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Easier Than Ever

The Contract Add-Vantage with Paragraph Manager

Contract Templates
The program contains 12 templates for different types of projects so you edit contracts rather than starting them from scratch.  You can modify the templates and create your own.

Paragraph Manager
The Paragraph Manager is your contract librarian storing hundreds of paragraphs for One-Click insertion into your contracts or other documents.

Construction-Specific Spell Check
Our Spell Check comes preloaded with 1,000 construction terms for faster spelling checks.

Many New Features
The system still uses the familiar word processor interface, but we've added some more power under the hood.  You'll still get the head start and flexibility that our contractor-tested templates provide.  In addition we've added:

  • An improved Paragraph Manager with many new paragraphs as well as the ability to easily add your own Categories, Sub-Categories and Paragraphs with a mouse click.
  • The Add To Paragraph Manager feature which enables you to highlight existing contract paragraphs you may have and add them with a click to the Paragraph Manager for One-Click insertion whenever you need it.
  • User Tags - In addition to the automatic replacement of Company, Customer, Property, Contract and Payment information we've added User tags so that you can further customize your contract templates.
  • Improved Spell Check with 1,000 construction-specific terms preloaded.  In addition, you can add your own words to the custom dictionary with a click.
  • Online contract library.  Our online resource will continue to grow as an important reference.  You can cut and paste from this online repository right into your contracts.
  • Add images to your contracts.  You can now insert logos, product photos and plans right into your contracts.

The Contract Add-Vantage
Contract writing made easy!


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