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Easier Than Ever

10 Templates Included

  • Addition

  • 2 story addition

  • Basement

  • Bathroom

  • Deck

  • Garage

  • New home

  • Kitchen

  • Porch

  • Repair

You can easily modify our templates
and/or create your own.

Many New Features
The system still uses the familiar spreadsheet interface, but we've added some more power under the hood.  You'll still get the head start and flexibility that our contractor-tested templates provide.  In addition we've added:

  • A central price database for managing the prices of commonly used materials, labor, sub-contract and other items.  Just a push of a button updates your estimate with the most current prices.
  • We now offer an optional automated pricing service (for an additional fee) to licensed users of the program.  The program will update your database automatically with the latest prices.  Now you will have current pricing at your fingertips, even when the lumberyard is closed.
  • We've created separate views for the main estimate, the executive summary, door and window schedules, stock-list and categorized quick totals.
  • We've made the cover page totally customizable, so you can include proposal language, terms etc.
  • We've added the online Contractor Resource Center which we'll detail in later slides.

Estimator's Add-Vantage System
Estimating and more made easy!


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