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Add-Vantage Software Inc. produces a suite of easy to use
software tools for building contractors, including:

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Estimator's Add-Vantage System - Template-based estimates, a built-in cost database with an optional automated pricing update service, and the Building Products Database, the easiest way to find building product information while estimating. 

The template-based program combines an enhanced version of the critically acclaimed Estimator's Add-Vantage estimating software with online contractor resources and a materials price database. Templates for all major types of residential construction projects speed the estimating process, allowing the contractor to respond more quickly, more accurately and more professionally to requests for proposals. The price database can be updated automatically with the optional Add-Vantage Pricing Service, streamlining the time consuming estimating process. In addition, contractors can send materials orders from the program via fax or email to their favorite suppliers. The Building Products Database is the first of its kind system for organizing, finding and retrieving relevant product information for contractors and the construction process.

BUY EAS Version 3.0.1 For $400

Scheduler The Scheduler's Add-Vantage - New Version 4.0 The Easiest Scheduling Program Yet!

Project scheduling software for contractors.

Maintain Control Of Your Projects by highlighting and clicking with the mouse. See all the parts of the job in one place, keeping track of Job tasks for your crew, your sub-contractors, and town inspectors. Plan when to order materials so that they arrive on time. Know when to call your subs so that they have enough lead time. Let customers know when major deliveries of materials will be made. See the cash flow implications of each item in the schedule. See how schedule changes can affect your bottom line.

Buy The Scheduler's Add-Vantage For $400

Contract The Contract Add-Vantage - New Version 3.0 Designed for Windows XP
Contract writing software for contractors.

By using templates for contract writing, the program allows you to write contracts quickly and accurately. The templates ensure consistency, and remind you of what to include. The Paragraph Manager is your personal contract librarian. It is a database of common contract paragraphs and task descriptions that you can insert into your contracts at the push of a button. Includes 12 contract templates, standard warranty and cancellation notices, and its own Windows-based word processing program. Our new version 3.0 is designed for Windows XP and is loaded with new features.

BUY The Contract Add-Vantage For $400

Add-Vantage Premium Subscription
This optional service provides automatic updates to your price database electronically.  Includes a one year subscription which provides 12 monthly updates for over 1,000 of the most common estimate items.  EAS Pricing Update Subscription 1 Year ($125)

Subscribe To The Add-Vantage Premium Subscription For $125

More about our products

Add-Vantage Software products can be used by many of the participants in the residential and light commercial building process. We have used all of the programs in our own high-end remodeling business in the Boston area. We have also used the products for new home construction, road construction and commercial tenant fit-up work. Because each of the products is flexible and template based, they can be customized to meet the needs of just about anyone involved in residential or light commercial building or renovation.

We know that speed is important, so we have streamlined our programs to help you get estimates, contracts and schedules completed quickly and accurately. By making the process easy we know that you'll be more likely to use the programs. By getting your estimates and contracts written quickly you'll win more jobs. We all know that many contractors lose work just because they didn't have time to complete the estimate.

Excellent Sales Tools

When homeowners see the complete, professional and detailed estimates, contracts and schedules that you provide their confidence in you will be greatly reinforced. When they have to choose between your professional bid and the other guy's "bar-napkin bid" who do you think they'll pick? Many of our customers report winning bids for which they are not the low bidder. The customer's confidence in their well-prepared bid outweighs the lure of the cheap bid. By advertising yourself as a computerized contractor the word will get out. Customers will seek you out to receive professional insight into the costs and issues involved in working on their greatest asset, their home. Put this competitive tool to work for you.

Who Uses Our Products?

People all across the US, Canada and even a few folks in the islands now use our programs. The products are in use now by:

  • Home builders
  • Remodeling contractors
  • Light commercial construction contractors
  • Architects
  • Interior and Landscape Designers
  • Sub-Contractors
  • Trade schools

System Requirements

  • IBM Compatible Pentium or better
  • Windows 95, 98, Windows 2000, NT and XP
  • 64MB RAM
  • 15MB Hard Disk Space
  • Mouse or other pointing device
  • Windows compatible printer (to print)
  • CD ROM Drive - to install the program

To Order

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