The Scheduler's Add-Vantage
Scheduling Made Easy.

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The Easiest Scheduling Program Yet! 

Just highlight where you want a task to go and click a button on the toolbar.

  • Shows project schedule and project finances in one screen.
  • Move the schedule forwards or backwards in time with a mouse click.
  • Quickly make adjustments to your schedules, keeping your projects on track.

The Scheduler's Add-Vantage - Project Scheduling for Contractors

Larger Picture   -   Monthly View

Maintain Control Of Your Projects

See all the parts of the job in one place. Keep track of:

  • Job tasks for your crew, your sub-contractors, and town inspectors.
  • When to order materials so that they arrive on time.
  • When to call your subs so that they have enough lead time. When major deliveries of materials will be made.
  • The cash flow implications of each item in the schedule. See how schedule changes can affect your bottom line.
Three Types of Schedules
  • A Daily Schedule. Provides the greatest detail, and is most useful for planning single projects.  See the schedule based on the way you work, showing or hiding weekend days.
  • A Weekly Schedule. Lets you concentrate more on the major milestones in a project without dwelling on the smallest details. Handy for scheduling multiple jobs.
  • A Monthly Schedule. Lets you see the next 6 months or year at a glance. You can plan the movement of people, materials, machinery and money at a macro level. An excellent “Big Picture” tool.

Easy To Use

  • To enter new tasks you just highlight an area on the schedule for the number of days the task will take, then click on the toolbar for the appropriate task. The area will be shaded and colored and labeled with your task.
  • Changes are easy to make. You can:
    • Just type over the text or numbers on the schedule.
    • Drag and drop schedule items with the mouse.
    • Shift entire portions of the schedule by highlighting an area with the mouse and clicking on the shift toolbar button.
    • Change schedule dates by entering new dates into the update dialog box.
    • Save and track multiple revisions of your schedules.

Automatic Report Printing

The program prints two reports at the push of a button. These professional quality reports can be used to;

  • Keep yourself and your staff up to date on the job’s physical and/or financial progress.
  • Let your sub-contractors know what your expectations are.
  • Show your customer the importance of meeting decision dates for colors, styles etc.

The reports included are:

  • The Schedule Only. This report prints the job tasks, ordering information and delivery schedule. It can be given to your employees, sub-contractors and customers.
  • The Complete Schedule. This report prints all of the information in the schedule, including the cash flow information. It can be used “in-house” or given to the banker in charge of your project’s financing

Works With Windows XP

  • Works with both Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP

Because the program is Windows based you can;

  • Copy, cut and paste between this and any other Windows based program.
  • Perform commands using the mouse or the keyboard.
  • Use the familiar Windows based graphical interface.

Designed By Contractors

  • All Add-Vantage Software Inc. products were designed for use in our own upscale remodeling business.
  • We have scheduled land development, road building, commercial projects, and remodeling projects using this quick and easy method.
  • We know that time is a precious commodity for contractors, so we have designed the program to be easy to learn and use.

The Scheduler’s Add-Vantage.
 Scheduling made easy.

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